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June 22, 2006


Light Speed Engineering's PLASMA II is a distributorless Capacitor Discharge Ignition system designed to replace the archaic magnetos on aircraft engines. This fully electronic system guaranties:

 Improved reliability

 Increased horse power output

 Reduced fuel consumption

 Smoother engine

 Reliable low idle

 Lower exhaust gas temperatures by 100-150 deg

 Easy starting, hot or cold

 Half the weight of other ignition sources.

The complete Plasma II kit includes everything from ignition coils to spark plugs. All 6-cylinder engines use the Direct Crank Sensor device to accurately measure crankshaft position.  

The maintenance free Plasma II electronic module features the hottest spark in the industry, automatic timing optimization for all power settings and auto retard for starting by hand or electric starter.  Its smaller size and lighter weight sets it apart from any other ignition source.

Plasma II, 6 cylinder $1,005  

Spark plugs and bushings included. Prices and

specifications subject to change without notice.

CA residents add 7.25% sales tax. Shipping not

included. Visa & Mastercard accepted.


 * Hall Effect Sensor Module installed on 4 cylinder engines only.  The Direct Crank Sensor is mounted near the flywheel on all 6 cylinder engines for crank position information.

On all Turbo and Super-Charged ignition systems, add $125.
On all Franklin and Continental engine ignition systems, add $195.


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